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Macallan Whisky Valuations

The Macallan Whisky Market

The Macallan whisky has always been synonymous with quality, however, it is now also associated with record prices, with some bottles selling for in excess of £500,000.

The Rare Whisky 101 Macallan index pictured here shows how much growth there has been in the value of Macallan.  Some might say that it is a good investment for the future, but we believe that the market is experiencing a huge bubble and there will be a correction in price within the next year or so.  You need only look at the angle of the graph to see that such exponential growth is not sustainable in the long term.

With prices at record levels this makes the ideal time to sell your Macallan whisky and we are here to help and ensure you get the best deal.

I can advise the value of your Macallan whisky and help you find the best place to sell it, be at a specialist saleroom or direct to a collector.  Best of all we take care of all the logistics and administration too.  So if you have a bottle of Macallan and you would like a valuation please contact us for more information.


- by Mark Littler | 2017-01-16