Luke Honey Ltd

Luke Honey

Alumni @ Luke Honey Ltd
London based former auction specialist turned antique dealer. Quirky "Country House in the City" stuff is his thing, with a penchant for antique games including...
Hampton Antiques

Mark Goodger

Heavy Artillery @ Hampton Antiques
Hampton Antiques was established in November 1998, created by partners Mark and Sara Goodger. Our first sale was on a cold, dark Saturday morning in the winter of 1998 from a...
Worboys Antiques

Nigel Worboys

Heavy Artillery @ Worboys Antiques
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Macintosh Antiques

Patrick Macintosh

Heavy Artillery @ Macintosh Antiques
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Arabesque Antiques

Peter Whipps

Alumni @ Arabesque Antiques
Welcome to Arabesque Antiques Inspired by proportion, colour, texture and the eccentric, we are essentially English country house with the emphasis on grand scale and...
Rob Hall Antiques

Rob Hall

Alumni @ Rob Hall Antiques
Rob Hall is a dealer who specialise in both decorative items, English country house antiques and the downright unusal.  Currently based in East Northamptonshire with strong...
Robert Young Antiques

Robert Young

Heavy Artillery @ Robert Young Antiques
Founded in 1978, partners Robert and Josyane Young specialise in Folk Art, Naive Paintings and Early Vernacular Furniture. We value and look for genuine original pieces with...
BBC Antiques Roadshow

Steven Moore

Heavy Artillery @ BBC Antiques Roadshow
Ceramics have been part of my life, almost since birth. My father taught pottery and as a child I was given clay as a toy. For me, the transformation of what appears to be...
The Antiques Diva & Co

Toma Haines

Alumni @ The Antiques Diva & Co
When enjoying one of our European Antique Shopping Tours, The Antiques Diva® & Co philosophy is tried and true. We believe one should walk into your home and know who...