Lady Kentmores

George Johnson

George Johnson is an antiques addict, a condition with no known cure and the symptoms can only be eased by being surrounded with treasures and oddities from days gone by.

George's family heritage comes from some of the country’s biggest fairground families. It's the sense of showmanship that makes his shop different from the normal as traditional items sit along side items that wouldn't be out of place in a Victorian freak show including human skulls, shrunkenheads and mourning items.

But it's his love of the trade that drives him forward and his obsession to spread the word that 'Antiques Are Fun'.  You may have read articles about antiques by George in Antiques News and Fairs and MoneyMaker Magazine as he is a keen writer and even occasionally pops up on TV.

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Lady Kentmores Antiques,
35 Main Street,
Callander, Scotland
FK17 8DX

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