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They say that the best ideas are sometimes the most obvious and I had the honour in 2012 of finding the lively coven of young dealers on Twitter who would become the bedrock of the thrilling new movement of Antiques Young Guns. Among the core group of original Young Guns were my colleagues Mark Hill and George Johnson who have founded this web site with me.

I quickly noticed that this handful of young dealers on Twitter were helping each other by exchanging knowledge and lively banter.  I was also very much aware through my own business, as owner of Antiques News and Fairs, that the vital and hard won expert knowledge held by existing members of the antiques trade could naturally expire without enough fresh young blood to join this heritage industry which is subject to so many changes in both the fashion and economic landscapes.

So, I have earned my stripes to appear on the Antiques Young Guns web site and will from my lofty position of more than twenty years in the trade, continue to promote these enthusiastic and hardworking bright young things who have in many cases sacrifced steady incomes to take their chance in this mercurial trade.  The future of the antiques trade is in their hands!

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